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Our course's structure has three main components.

First is phonetics and vocabularies. This part will illustrate how to pronounce words correctly, as tonal changes can make a word mean something else in Chinese. This section also demonstrates how words are used. For example, there are numerous words which mean “work”, but on some occasions, using the word “job” may be more appropriate than the word “work”.

The second part is grammar, which is very critical to being understood by Chinese people.

Finally, the third part involves dialog and/or reading. The reason why this is the last part is that before you can read dialogs, you will have to know and understand how words are used, pronounced, and ordered so that native speakers understand exactly what you are saying. Moreover, in the dialog section, you will meet some slangs that are used in daily life. In these lessons, you will learn extra words and complete exercises that remind you of what you have learnt.

We believe online learning has numerous advantages. It helps students save cost and time. Online learning also allows students to learn at their own speed, which helps learners focus more than traditional learning.

Learning a new language is long-term. It requires motivation to work towards your goal. The ultimate mindset is that you must always remind yourself of why you want to achieve the goal. These reasons will encourage you to work hard and achieve your desired language competency. Next, dare to use the language without being afraid of making mistakes. Doing this will let you learn things that might not be found in lessons. Then go through what you have learnt, so that you understand it better. Lastly, always sharpen your skills by finding some Chinese language mobile applications, movies, and music to increase your language knowledge. These extra activities will also make you enjoy using the language.

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